Where it all began……

Published August 21, 2012 by The Blanquita

I am a 24 year old All-American girl that lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. I was raised in the panhandle but it might as well have been Alabama. Raised Baptist by Southern parents who believed in strict parenting with a lot of love, I was ready to spread my wings.  I moved to St. Pete for school and I changed from slow-paced country life to a little bit busier of a lifestyle. After leaving for a brief stint in Miami (great 6 months), I moved back. I later decided to change my career path in pursuit of a career in law enforcement.

I often have many people question my preference. I often get the typical puzzled look followed by some sort of questioning. Why? What’s wrong with white guys? What’s wrong with black guys?
I usually humor them and go into my typical explanation. So for the sake of getting this blog started and familiarizing everyone with my dating habits and preferences that’s how I will begin. Latinos have something no other man that I have met does. They have this natural sexiness and suave disposition. This isn’t just the case in movies. It applies to everyday life.

One of the downsides to being a strong, independent American woman is that men expect you to be strong and independent when the approach comes. They often rely on the woman to make the first move. Personally, I think it’s laziness and a slowly diminishing sense of masculinity, but that’s just me. Regardless of the explanation, Latin men don’t apply to this. They aren’t afraid to approach a beautiful woman. In fact, it is a turn-on for them.
You see, being American, independent and strong is not a bad thing. With the exception of dating. Psychologically, men enjoy the chase. Latin men still seem to have this primal instinct where American men rarely possess it anymore.

Another, thing I love about Hispanic men is their accent. Antonio Banderas… no further explanation needed.

Passion and romanticism seem to ooze from their pores. If you have ever been intimate with a Latino no further explanation is needed. If not, you’re missing out. If you ever want to feel like you are the most beautiful woman in the world, curves, imperfections and all, Latino men love a woman’s body. If you believe that a man’s moves on the dance floor are directly correlated to those elsewhere, you definitely know what I mean.

In a city where I often see men sporting beards reminiscent of Abraham Lincoln and Mr. Kennedy from Gone with the Wind along with flip-flops and board shorts,  it is refreshing to travel to Miami and see tanned men decked out in cleanly pressed pants and shirts and maybe even … could it be? A tie! Really, it just warms my heart. Sometimes it really baffles me how members of the most visual sex, expect a woman to look immaculate, yet they feel that it is okay to roll out of bed with no effort put toward their looks whatsoever. Latinos seem to understand this concept and I really appreciate them for it.

Also on the visual level, I love the contrast of light to dark skin. Yes, I am aware that Latinos come in all skin colors. However, the typical caramel skin, dark or hazel eyes, and black hair is gorgeous. Someone of this description standing by a blonde woman, with blue eyes and light skin is a great combination in my opinion.

I believe I have given a thorough enough explanation on this subject, but keep reading to learn more about my dating life. You think your dating life is frustrating? I could literally count on one hand the amount of normal men I have been out with. I always said  I could write a book on my experiences, instead I decided to write a blog. So stay tuned. If nothing else, it’s guaranteed to make you feel a hell of a lot better about your love life!


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